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We take what is already there and restore it to like-new for a lot less cost within a lot less time.


Eventually, our vehicles will be in need of some type of bumper repair. Did you know auto body shops get replacement parts at an extremely low cost, then mark up that cost to you anywhere from 100-400%?  This doesn’t even include the charge of painting and installation or a minimum two-day downtime. At this rate, it’s already costing your, and the fix isn’t even completed.  With our mobile bumper repair process, you’re back on the road in hours not days.

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Your car paint is crucial to the value of your vehicle.  Our basic care recommendation; wax and polish every 6-9 months if the vehicle is garaged or 3-4 months if it’s not.

If you’re in need of car paint repair, we can help with that too; we’ve been providing it since 1991.

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Do you have dents and dings on your fenders, doors, bumpers, roof, truck, or hood? Then Paintless Dent Removal might be the service for you.  Our process does not require any painting and is quite fast, cost-effective and efficient.

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What type of scratches do you have?  You may not actually know.  There are several different types; surface, midrange, deep, etc.  The complexity of the damage determines which type of fix it’ll require.

Have one of our experts assess it for you, and we’ll help with all the necessary information to choose the right scratch repair process.

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Small Damage Repair Experts

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Mobile Auto Repair Service – We Bring The Body Shop to You!

You’ve bumped into something or perhaps someone has bumped into you. This unfortunate accident requires some downtime from your valuable schedule. Or does it?

With Mobile Auto Body Service, our body shop on wheels shows up at your home or office’s front door. Think about it; no driving to a shop, no waiting around for a shuttle, no lines for a car rental that you drive around for days just to turn-around and spend yet more time picking up your car.

While you’re accomplishing your tasks, our experienced technicians are quickly and efficiently repairing your car’s damaged area to a like-new condition in a matter of hours, not days! With our mobile auto body service, we achieve these excellent results using specialized equipment and premium materials from specific suppliers we’ve worked closely with, since 1991. Our well-trained technicians’ goal is your car’s amazing restoration!

Why Choose AutoFixOnSite

“Making friends by accident since 1991”

AutoFixOnSite is Eco-friendly We are a planet-friendly company. Our ECO footprint is very small when compared to traditional shops. We consciously use materials in small batches, significantly reducing any waste material. We always comply with E.P.A regulations.

What Our Clients Say

Brenda C. ~ Culver City, Ca

“Someone backed into my husbands car at a stop sign, and after exchanging info., the other driver wanted to take care of the damage without involving insurance. I was able to get a prompt and reasonable quote from AutoFixOnSite.com who then conveniently came out to my house and fixed the car damage right in my driveway. The car looks beautiful now. I would highly recommend this company. Thanks AutoFix On-Site!”

Bryce W. ~ Huntington Beach, Ca

“My experience with AutoFixOnSite.com is far beyond any other auto body experts. Not only are their prices far below what a normal auto body shop would charge but they come to your house, do it in a couple hours, and still manage to produce flawless work. I definitely plan on using these guys for any body work I need done on my car and have already told many friends and family about them and will continue to do so. Thank You!”

Carol & Ben B. ~ Trabuco Canyon, Ca

“www.AutoFixOnSite.com came out to our home to fix my bumper on 11-28-11. The technician did a great job. My car looks great. They were very professional, prompt, and efficient. Their price was lowest with the extra discount for getting an online quote. We will use them again. I took extra cards to give to friends. Highly recommend!”

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“Making friends by accident since 1991”, in ORANGE COUNTY & LOS ANGELES

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Small Damage Repair Experts

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