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Since 1991 AutoFixOnSite has been a leader in car cosmetic restoration. We are the oldest mobile auto body repair company in Orange County and the greater Los Angeles area. We started servicing/consulting with specialty car prep  companies (who shoot commercials & brochures for car manufacturers). They would come to us for our opinion on textures and color combinations. Auto dealerships took great advantage of our services as well. There’s a good chance when you took your car to the dealer service center to get some type of cosmetic repair done, we were the company actually repairing it. For many years we contracted with those dealerships to take care of their inventory. Our techs would come in and assess the inventory on a weekly basis, get a list of project cars from management, then repair the bumpers, paint, and interiors to perfection. We soon realized we could, & should, give the general public our same great service, for a better value than the dealerships offer. After all, nobody enjoys paying high dealer prices.

Our only regret is not doing it sooner. Car owners care about their own car a lot more than dealers. So with time and much hard work, we rebuilt our customer base to only the general public, no more dealerships. Now, we gladly turn away all the dealers that call for service. We rely on our
reputable good name and referrals from satisfied customers.

Some Added Benefits …

Free Estimate – Take advantage of our free estimate and receive an expert assessment. Text or email us photos of the damaged area(s) and we’ll give you an estimate of cost, turnaround forecast and probability of outcome; all at no cost to you.

No Rental Cars – We dispatch technicians throughout Orange County and Los Angeles to your home or office. A collision center’s typical turnaround is several days to several weeks. With our innovative auto body repairs being completed in hours, you can eliminate the need for a rental car.

Auto Insurance – Most insurance deductibles are $500-$1,500. About one-third of customers choose to pay for their repair without filing a claim. If you report the damage to your insurance company, your rates may go up. Even if the damage is fully covered now, you could be penalized for years and even dropped from your current coverage. We are the solution to repairing your car at such a low cost that you may choose to avoid reporting the incident together.

Lease Return – Your lease is expiring soon and it’s time to turn in our vehicle but you’ve got some damage on your car. Choose AutoFixOnSite for your repair and we’ll assess the rest of your vehicle for lease return, free of charge. Our expert assessment will insure you get the best repair process.

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