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In a perfect world car scratches would never happen. If those scratches occur just on the surface of the clear coat, they usually appear opaque or white in color. Those can be abraded and polished to a brite shine. Slightly deeper scratches that go through the clear coat, not quite into the paint, can be touched up with unhardened clear coat giving the illusion that they’re gone. If the scratches are deeper through both clear coat and into the paint, then it becomes a more complex repair. we are providing the best Scratch Repair mobile service in Orange County and Los Angelos.

Scratch Repair Options :

Touch Up; The scratch gets cleaned and prepped for basecoat (mixed formula from the OEM paint code), the tech assesses the scratch for the best application process, basecoat is applied and unhardened clearcoat follows. When basecoat and clearcoat are fully cured and hardened it provides a long lasting protection. This process won’t give your car the pre-damaged finish it previously had but will provide you with a sealed protection.

Trizact & Touch Up; After damaged areas are cleaned, the technician takes a super fine grit of 1500-3000 (or Trizact) and gently abrades damaged areas until we have a uniform finish. Once achieved, we apply a specialized compound and buffing pad. Then comes the final process; the finish gloss, which is a proprietary formulated compound, followed by a final touch-up of any left over chips or scratches.

Repair & Refinish (SDR: Small Damage Repair):

We keep the repair process area to a minimum of inches rather than the entire panel, while preserving the original paint and finish of the surrounding areas.

The tech first cleans the section/panel with a specialized V.O.C. compliant cleaning solvent then evaluates what type of sanding is necessary. Once sanded, the area is re-examined for flaws. If needed, more sanding is performed and/or followed with repair material. When it’s a plastic bumper, plastic welding or compatible filler material is used. Once cured, the technician continues sanding the repair materials to achieve a smooth finish. If acceptable, we move onto the primer which seals the scratch repair from corrosion and other contaminants that would compromise the fixed area. Cured primer is then sanded smooth and inspected for flaws. The tech begins prepping and masking for the final stage; mixing the basecoat paint formula, then refinishing and clearcoat. When dried, the tech will polish if needed and then present the finished repair to our happy customer. Our eager technicians perform these scratch repairs in all Orange County and the greater L.A. areas. We hope to earn your business. Check Paint Repair

Scratch Repair AutoFixOnSite is Environmentally ResponsibleAutoFixOnSite is Environmentally Responsible

Our spray equipment has a 90-95% transfer efficiency, the highest in the industry, compared to conventional body shops who have a 65-70%, at best. Our waterborne paint mixing system & V.O.C. compliant solvents and
procedures meet the E.P.A. standards.

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